Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Review: Hoorenbeek's Mesh Blazer


The notation on the blackboard is purely to calculate whether I can afford yet another fatpack
This is the second Hoorenbeek blazer that I’ve reviewed, the first being the rather delectably suave Mesh Leather Blazer. This, however, is a very different cut of suave. This is the blazer of the academic, the intelligentsia and the literati. And before you scoff at that, do remember that some of the West’s most popular icons are academics, Sherlock Holmes and Indiana Jones to cite two examples. There’s no doubt about it: brains are sexy. And if you slap in a little dash of privilege, the result can be near irresistible.

Which is what we have here, for this blazer exudes education and privilege. In form, it is a single breasted pin striped blazer, worn either open or closed, with two gold buttons at the front and four on each cuff. It comes in six colours and has a choice of three badges that can be worn on the left breast pocket, although you can also wear it without the badge.

In its form, it’s a near perfect blazer. It holds a really good shape (particularly in the shoulders, which are often poor in mesh jackets) and looks every bit as tailored and fitted as it should. The textures are excellent, and the badges stand out for particular praise in this regard, and hold outstanding detail even at the closest scrutiny, should someone so decide to zoom right in on your left breast pocket to see what you’re all about.
I like all of the colours, but particularly the blue, black and green (in that order). To my amazement, I even like the white! Usually in mesh fatpacks, the white just looks like the one that hasn’t been coloured from the template, but not at all with this blazer. It looks as equally smart and preppy as every other colour here.

There are only a few criticisms of this blazer, and they’re very minor. The biggest is that, when you wear the jacket open, the left lapel partially covers the badge. Yes, yes ... I know ... that is particularly picky! Sad to admit, but I even went to my wardrobe and dug out my old blazer to check that my memory wasn’t faulty, and (as I had I thought) I could wear my blazer open with abandon, never in fear that my alma mater’s badge would be even partially obscured! The other point (which is oh so picky!) is the badges themselves, the selection of which I found rather odd. You can pick from a lion (I expect to be corrected on this if it turns out to be a griffon or something else but, whatever it is, it's suitably heraldic), the coat of arms for the Royal Ulster Constabulary (the controversial and now defunct police force of Northern Ireland) or a badge (of all counties!) of Yorkshire. What would I have chosen? Well, I don’t know, but I have included a picture (quite at random and without any bias, of course) at the top of this post of perhaps a badge that could be considered in future editions of this jacket.

However, despite my carping (and, I must say, even by my standards I have been particularly picky!), I absolutely love this blazer. It’s smart, sophisticated and will blend with a lot of different styles and, as with most Hoorenbeek products, the quality is outstanding. If you fancy looking edumacated, you can pick it up for $520L by visiting the Hoorenbeek store by clicking here

The Badges: The RUC, a liony griffony thing, and (coughs) Yorkshire
(you can wear it without a badge, too, of course)
The colours: White, green, black, bordeaux, blue and grey 


  1. Sings, "I wanna be teacher's pet..."

  2. Sorry,too late,that's my apple on his desk.

  3. Right ... you two ladies ... you know how I feel about arguing in class ... step into my office for six of the best!

  4. Lovely work from Hoorenbeek and Blaise :) I do so love a natty looking man. One question I do have is concerning fitting options. I ahve heard in the past that the Hoorenbeek meshes have run along a small/slim line. Have these blazers adopted the Men's Mesh standard 5 size options?

    1. Thank you Alexandra ... and a good question ...

      The Blazer comes in three sizes, following the same as the Leather Blazer linked in the article.

      Mesh items such as this really *should* have a demo. I would suggest to anyone considering buying an item like this that does not have a demo to drop the creator an IM or NC saying "Please! We need demos!"

  5. Ubiquitous Avatar25 October 2012 at 02:25

    I am impresed, indeed so impressed I am jotting this while enroute via teleport to Hoorenbeek to obtain my own blazer.

    An excellent post you are clearly a blogging trail blazer, or should that be Blaiser ?

    1. I do hate it when someone comes up with a better pun than me! Although I'm quite proud in having an alliterative post heading that I can't say quickly: 'Blaise Blogs Blodleian Bazers'