Friday, 19 October 2012

Win a CTS Wardrobe

Interview with Carlyle Theas

Plus Your Chance to Win the CTS Wardrobe!

Come on! What prize isn't made better by a big red bow and a girl in a bikini sitting on it? 

This is it! You had thought it wasn't true, but yes! ESM brings you the opportunity to win (yes, win!) the CTS Wardrobe Inventory Organiser (read the review here if you need reminding why you so desperately want one) and we bring you a very special interview with the designer, creator and all round cerebralist Carlyle Theas. As both an entrepreneur and SL product inventorator, this was a rare opportunity to probe the type of creative mind that I could only ever dream of having and pitch my own business idea to her. Carlyle was gracious, articulate and oh so very professional, clearly immune to any of my charms or 'wit' and very patient in gently explaining her product to a person whose IT skills don't extend beyond pressing Ctrl, Alt, Delete. 

Blaise & Carlyle during the interview
In this shot, I think I skilfully captured the moment when Carlyle started to think that I might not really be up to job of this interview

B:        Hello Carlyle. Welcome to ESM and thanks for agreeing to a short interview : o ) 

C:        You’re welcome, Blaise : ) 

B:        So ... tell me the history of the CTS Wardrobe.

C:        I released it in May 2010, prompted by own personal need. I had been looking for a system but I couldn't find one I like. I didn't like those where you had to save snapshots as textures, because you had to pay for uploads and it took ages to rez. Having a web-based system eliminates these problems, and it's also much easier to search through your catalogue of items.

B:        Did it take long to develop?

C:        I have always worked full-time in RL, so I couldn’t devote too much time to it. I think it took me about two months of my spare time to come up with a working version. I’m always getting suggestions from customers (and having ideas of my own), so I’m always working on improving it.

B:        The reviews on MP (as well as my own review, of course) are overwhelmingly positive. What kind of feedback have you got personally?

C:        Most people I talk to really like the system. There are some critics, of course, particularly on the learning curve. I’m always amazed, though, at how many people use it and how positive the response is.

B:        I noticed that you have a number of different products on sale. Are there any more innovations in the pipeline?

C:        Well you never know! I’m always working on something. Recently I’ve been concentrating on improving existing products, but if you have any ideas, you’re more than welcome to let me know!

B:        I do actually. I have an idea for a product that I think would be really useful to men of SL : o ) 

C:        Oh?

B:        Yes. It’s a ‘Girlfriend Management System’. Lots of people in SL have multiple girlfriends (and boyfriends, of course), which can at time lead to humorously awkward situations! Some kind of management system where you can timetable when certain people are on, have prompts so you don’t get names wrong, alerts if you’re with one partner on a sim and another enters into radar range, etc, etc. I think it would be a best-seller. What do you think?

C:        ...........

B:        I mean, obviously I wouldn't need anything like that personally.

C:        ...........

B:        It's just an idea

C:        ...........

B:        OK .. umm ... let's move on ... soo ... I’m someone that thinks of IT as some form arcane, esoteric knowledge, a little like plumbing or GCSE maths. What’s your background?

C:        Well, I studied mathematics and have a PhD in Computer Science. Neither was really necessary for the design of the wardrobe though!

B:        I’ll have to take your word for that. Carlyle, thank you very much for the interview, and I look forward to seeing what new products you release in the future.

C:        Thank you Blaise : ) 

If you just move your eyes down an inch, you'll see the prize being offered

And Now For the Competition .... ! 

So ... enough talk ... you've read the review (click here if you still haven't!), you've researched it on Marketplace (click here), and now you want one, you need one ... you covet one, dammit!

Well, now you can, as the lovely Carlyle has agreed to sponsor one CTS Wardrobe to the winner of this exclusive ESM competition, either for you or a nominated friend. So what do you have to do? It's simple!

Tell me why you need one in one sentence!

That's it! That's all it is! Just IM me inword (BlaiseJoshua) or email me (, preferably putting 'Wardrobe' as the subject and definitely telling me your avi name!). The competition is open to all ESM group members (and if you're not a group member, I will send you an invite on receiving your entry) and, if you already have a Wardrobe or are just feeling altruistic, you can even nominate someone else (a messy boyfriend or girlfriend, perhaps?) to win the prize. 

Note: You can write anything as to why you need or want one, but you're more likely to win if it makes me laugh. Of course, you might try and make me think. But you're defo more likely to win if it makes me laugh : o D

The competition will run until the 1st November, after which the doors of the Wardrobe will be closed. So remember ... male or female, friend or foe, all are welcome to enter. Don't miss out on this great chance. 

ESM thanks Carlyle Theas for her participation in the the interview and sponsorship of the competition, and also to Harper Beresford (who blogs here) for modelling all over the prizes. Personally, considering the intellectual calibre of the interviewee, I wanted a more serious, studious looking model, but Harper insisted on a young blonde in a bikini. Ah well. 


  1. It's always mortifying to see you give "ideas" to a PhD, Blaise. And I love how you failed to mention that you bought that bikini for me (because the other wasn't skimpy enough)!

    1. Are you suggesting that my idea wasn't up to PhD standard??

  2. My reason for needing the Wardrobe is a one-word sentence: 28,969. But I already have the Wardrobe and love it! Especially love that there are no upload charges AT ALL, ever. As a photog in SL I'm sure I've sent the Lindens on lovely cruises with the number of pic uploads I've done over the years. It adds up!

  3. Jennifer Glenwalker20 October 2012 at 11:34

    Too simply put it I have 0ver 34,000 items and can not remember what most of the items are with most of them being bought because I liked them and have forgotten what they were along with no photos with the majority of them.

  4. Just a note ... I've received several entries to the competition that are very literal! So, for example, "I need the Wardrobe because I would like to organise my inventory better!" Just bear in mind that, while perfectly acceptable, such an entry isn't likely to win you the competition! I'm looking for the best answer, which will probably be one that's witty and makes me laugh : o )

    Oh ... and if you're emailing ... don't forget to put in your avi name!

    1. You didn't think "28,969" was witty? :p

  5. Blaise, I now officially hate you out of pure jealousy and who can blame me when you open flaunting the fact you have the ability to get beautiful and intelligent women.

    You not only co-blog with the totally adorable and super smart Harper Beresford, you can get her to drape her exquisite form over your furniture while wearing a couple of postage stamps held together by dental floss. If that wasn’t enough you can manage to have Carlyle Theas pop over for a chat and have her give you a free wardrobe to offer as a prize in a competition a side benefit of which will be you will receiving the names of additional beautiful, intelligent women all of which have really big inventories.

    Actually Blaise having thought about all of this I am now very concerned about your well-being, so much so that I am prepared to selflessly shield you from the dangers of sudden fame and excessive wealth by becoming your manager.

    You will do the SL lecture tour with "Blaise Joshua's tells you how to have smart beautiful women become putty in your hands", and to selflessly shield you from the dangers of sudden fame and excessive wealth as your manager and taking a tiny, tiny 95% of your gross income. See how much I put the well-being of others before my own.

    PS - can you hook me up with Carlyle Theas and/or Harper Beresford, preferably both. They are not identical twins by any chance are they?