Saturday, 3 November 2012

CTS Competition Winners


El Nuevo Reymundo
(you just can't beat history jokes, especially those in another language)

Every Second Man is proud to announce that a winner has been chosen for the CTS Wardrobe Competition. Readers were asked to state in one sentence why they (or someone they nominated) need the Wardrobe. Answers flooded in, some of which were funny, some of which were very creative, and some just downright desperate for inventorial rescue. However, for me, one entry had it all: humour, pathos, romance, and above all the possibility of redemption for a sartorially challenged man. Therefore, I am pleased to announce the winner of the ESM CTS Wardrobe competition as Callie Latham who submitted this rather heart-rending entry: 

"For the love of my sanity, please give this wardrobe to my husband so that our pictures can have some variety and don't all look like they were taken on the same day because he can only find one outfit!"

And so it is. Right now, direct from Carlyle Theas Solutions, a CTS Wardrobe is winging its way to Reymundo, Callie's husband. 

"I'm just so pleased," said Reymundo, talking to ESM earlier today. "My inventory was getting out of control. I have like 30 items in it already, 10 of which are just t-shirts! 10! I mean, who needs 10 different t-shirts? I've only been in SL just over a year. It's amazing how stuff just piles up if you're not careful."

"This will be a great step forward for Rey," agreed Callie. "While we do need to address his profligate spending, I think the wardrobe will help him not to feel overwhelmed and at least get his burgeoning inventory under control. Heaven forbid, with his 'one a week' habit for t-shirts, he would have been pushing on nearly 50 items in his inventory before long!"

I would like to say a huge thank you both to Carlyle Theas for sponsoring this competition, and of course to everyone who took the time to enter and compose witty and original ideas for needing that wardrobe. I will be running more competitions for the ESM group, as well as launching some rather tasty group gifts pretty damn soon, so keep an eye out for those. However, once again congratulations to Callie and Reymundo, and remember that if you weren't lucky enough to win this time, you can always pick it up on marketplace by clicking here. 


  1. Oh hell, I wear t-shirts in a day! Congratulations, Reymundo!