Thursday, 8 November 2012


Barack Hussein Obama II, President of the United States of America

A collective sigh of relief resounded around the world today, as it awoke to read the news of who would (and who wouldn't) be leading the world's only superpower for the next four years. That's right - Barack Hussein Obama II was reelected for a second term as President of the USA, much to the delight of reasonable, fair-minded, intellectual people across the globe and to the deep chagrin of ... well ... other types.

I like subtlety when choosing metaphors in my photography

"But you're not even American," I hear you cry (as well as some even cried about Obama himself). True, but this election gripped the world because of the influence that its outcome will exert on all our lives. This, coupled with the Republican penchant for starting wars it can't finish, means everyone had a vested interest in keeping an eye on things State-side. 

Love him or hate him, few disagree that he's a great orator

And, above all that, even if I don't really understand the American political system (which I don't), or don't understand how a candidate can get less votes and still win the election, and certainly don't get what part an Electrical College plays in all of this, that man is just so damn charismatic. He, and the First Lady, just ooze poise and dignity and decorum, maintained throughout with people questioning his ethnicity and religious background, and asking these questions with the absolute conviction that these things really matter in a leader.

I hope you enjoy some pictures I took great delight in making today to mark this occasion, together with a video I made last night with Harper Beresford of the man himself and his First Lady celebrating (at least, that's how they're celebrating in my head).

If you're wondering how I was able to make such a wonderful likeness of the great man himself, it was with the absolute graft and talent of the very lovely Siobhin Shippe of Waxworx who made Obama's shape and gave him to me to skin and dress. Shiobhin is one of SL's premier shape designers and as well as her stock of standard models she also accepts custom orders if you, like so many, find that avis offered in SL aren't quite up to your RL Adonisian standards. A couple of clear photos of yourself is all she needs, and you'll be seeing yourself cruising the grid in no time. Click here to visit her store


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