Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Review: Egoisme's Pea Coat


(Note: Ego's Pea Coat Floats My Boat)

Silly post titles aside, why is it even called a Pea Coat?

As it's basically a sailor's coat, my deductive mind thought it might be because sailors would don this style in bad weather, or during 'pea soupers' as my Grandad used to call particularly foggy days (I can't reprint what he used to call my Grandma's pea soup).

But no, it's not that. After spending countless minutes researching the topic on the utterly infallible Wikipedia, it would seem that the term comes from the Dutch or West Frisian term pijjekka. While pijjekka might sounds like a slang word referring to a man's ... umm ... nautical equipment, it isn't, and actually the pij part refers to the coarse wool that the garment was made from. Have a look on Wikipedia here if you don't believe me. Like I said, infallible!

So anyway, etymology aside, what of the eponymous Egoisme Pea Coat? Well, it's mesh, it comes in ten different colours, and it costs a rather affordable $250L. And, I must say, I rather like it.

If I'm honest, it wasn't an instant taker for me, and I vacillated over it somewhat (as I am wont to do) before I decided 'Yes! I like this coat!' There are some aspects of this coat, you see, that are somewhat bizarre. For example, the direction that the 'grain' of the fabric runs in is somewhat erratic. On the body at the front it's kind of diagonal, and then diagonal in the opposite direction on the arms, and so forth. And then the buttons, which are for the most part perfectly round and buttonesque. However the top button on the front of the jacket has been squashed into a really quite bizarre shape (as can be seen from the picture). These, however, aren't flaws, because this jacket is rather unique and it all only adds to the sense of this coat being quirky and different. For me, it definitely contributes to its charm.

If I was to find any flaws with it, it's that the coat can seem a tad angular (particularly in the arms, as can be seen in the pictures). Also, it would be really nice if the coat had a few options with it, such as being able to wear it closed. When I field tested it, it only drew positive comment. The only criticisms were actually directed toward the outfit as a whole: "Love the outfit, but lose the hat," or "Great coat, but the shirt ... srsly??" For me personally, I love the coat's quirkiness, and I love its mixture of style and, well, warmth (we are in November, after all). I particularly like its shape, especially at the back, and I've provided a photo of that so you can specifically admire that aspect with me.

Should you wish to take to the high seas in style or just start wrapping up a little (lest you get a chill on your chest), you can head down to Egoisme by clicking here. There's a handy demo version too, which is always worth a try first.

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  1. It's a great coat and uh, the back view floats *my* boat ;)