Thursday, 20 December 2012

10 Gift Ideas When Buying for the Women of SL


I find this time of year bloody stressful, and a large part of that is buying gifts, RL and SL. What's worse is having friends like Harper Beresford. What on Earth can I buy for the Queen of Second Life that she doesn't already have, has already seen or has already been given by someone else? Of course, we all encounter this problem to a larger or lesser degree, and it was funny when chatting with Harper that she had thought the same about buying for me. So ... it was agreed ... we would buy each other a positively generous ten gifts, five in SL and five in RL, and we would write a post on what we were buying and why we had made that choice.

You can read Harper's gift choice for lucky me by clicking here.

As for me, I hope that both Harper and you enjoy my choices. Perhaps some of the ideas will help you choose some nice presents for the women in your Second Life. If we stick together, men of SL, we can get through this seemingly interminable time of year with our wives', girlfriends' and lady friends' respect intact.

It's a jungle out there. Good luck, men of SL. Here are my choices.

SL Gift #1: Prada Influenced Embroidered Gown from Paisley Daisy

First off, I'm taking a brave plunge in buying a dress for Harper. Yes, she probably has thousands; yes, she's probably the hardest woman in SL to please, but I don't feel I can lose with one of SL's hottest new dress designers. Joeylin from Paisley Daisey does exceptionally high quality work, and as soon as I saw this dress I knew it would be on the gift list. What's more, guys, Joeylin does a rather fine line in negligee and lingerie, so this is definitely a winning designer to introduce your girlfriends to.

You can pick up the Prada Inspired Gown on MP for $350L by clicking here, or visit Joeylin's inworld shop by clicking here.

SL Gift #2: Sparkle Small Mesh Avi from Immortals

I knew when deciding what to buy for Harper I had to be different. Having experimented with the whacky world of petites and small avis, I know what a lot of fun it is (you can read about my adventures in the land of the pint-sized people by clicking here). Immortals' new release 'Sparkle' will be a lot of fun, I think, and I like the idea of a gift we can enjoy together, as I can dust down my own little avi and take Harper out for a night of partying at Shrinkydinks.

You can pick up Sparkle for $1,400L by visting the Immortals' inworld story by clicking here. Contact Isabelle Torok inworld for assistance in gifting one. 

SL Gift #3: $500L Gift Card from Chop Zuey

The award-winning  and exceptionally helpful model Portia Pexington, bedecked in her Chop Zuey finery

Bloggers always need accessories. It's not like we choose an item of clothing to blog, throw it on and snap some pictures. A lot of time and effort goes into perfecting the whole look, in order to show the item being blogged at its very best. No one does this better than Harper, so a gift card from one of SL's finest jewellery designers is in order.

You can pick up gift cards from Chop Zuey by clicking here and visiting their inworld store.

SL Gift #4: Ice Skates in White from BAX

It's true that when I set out on this mission I had a lot of ideas about what I wanted to get Harper. But sometimes you just come across something that is so charming, so irresistably endearing, that it just pushes aside any other preconceived ideas you had. So it was with these ice skates from BAX. When you consider that BAX offers a personal fitting service to all of its customers, I think this makes the perfect winter gift.

You can pick up a set of BAX ice skates on MP for $349L by clicking here, or visit the store inworld by clicking here.

SL Gift #5: "Enhanced Avatar Physics" by Fey Telling

OK. This gift is a little less ... umm ... cultured than the others. But come on! How does a guy resist an advert with the tagline "Subtle Breast Jiggles"? Plus, I thought it would combine nicely with the ice skates.

So, guys, if your SL girlfriend is a little static in the packet, needs more lust in the bust, or some more rhumba in the chumbawumbas, consider this little baby. And at $30L, if she point blank refuses to try it, you can just pretend it was one big joke. And if she's really angry, feel free to use the "Baby! This is all just a storm in a D cup!" line. That should calm things down.

You can pick up the "Avatar Physics" on MP for $30L by clicking here.

RL Gift #1: Blogging for Dummies

There's an unwritten rule that you're allowed one book per person when buying gifts. This is my choice for Harper (sniggers). Available for about $20.00 on Amazon. 

RL Gift #2: Flowers

Yes, a simple bouquet of flowers. Personally, I think flowers aren't given enough. They're beautiful, they smell wonderful, and they light up any room. And ladies - guys like getting flowers too. With companies like Interflora doing international deliveries, there's no excuse for not lighting up someone's day with a simple bunch of flowers. Just check she doesn't have any life-threatening allergies first ...

RL Gift #3: Spanish Lessons

I always think a nice gift is when you give of yourself; your skills, your time, your work. There isn't too much I can do for Harper in a practical sense with me being in the UK and she being in the US, but I teach Spanish and so, Harper, here is a promissory note for three Spanish lessons for you or a person you nominate! If it's someone nearer, you could offer to wash their car, clear their path of snow, teach them the piano; anything really. And if it's your wife or girlfriend ... well! ... I shall leave that to your imagination ...

RL Gift #4: The Complete Collection of Hitchcock on DVD


I love a good box set, and there's nothing like it over the holiday season; off work, working off the turkey and mince pies on the couch. The classics are always a winner, and I'm quietly confident that someone as smart as Harper will be partial to a little Hitchcock. Available on Amazon for about $60.00.

RL Gift #5: Amazon Gift Card

And finally, even if I've buggered up everything else, there's an Amazon gift card winging its way to Harper to the tune of $100. No! It's not a cop out! A gift card is a really nice way of saying "I don't always deign to know exactly what you need or want; I understand that at times there may be something you'd like to choose yourself, and I would like to buy that special something as a gift."

And Finally ....

Three Gifts You Probably Shouldn't Buy ...
(or at least should think very carefully about)

A Puppy

... unless it's specifically by request of course! You know the old adage about buying puppies at Christmas ...


Urgh ... I hate candles as presents. They just scream "I had no idea what to buy you so I just picked this up at the supermarket." OK. Maybe this one is a little too personal. This is plea to anyone who will listen: please STOP buying me candles!


Novelty Vibrators

OK ... I understand that the breast physics entry probably cost me any moral authority on this ...


  1. Breast physics!!!!! OMG! BLOGGING FOR DUMMIES?!?

    The vibrator? Send me batteries too :P

  2. lol, too funny and endearing at the same time. You seem to be great friends.............trying not to be too envious:-)

  3. Love this idea and I agree with Harper ! :P

    1. Alexxa! I would expect this kind of thing from Harper ... but YOU! : o D

  4. Oh but it was said with a gentle shake of my head and the thought : Women Rule!!! :P xx

  5. Haha as funny as always )) super post..bye bye Nicandra

  6. That is the cutest puppy I have ever seen. All is forgiven.

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