Sunday, 13 January 2013

Review: Hoorenbeek's Cargo Pants


My SL Prepper, bedecked in the finery of H's Mesh Cargo Pants

21st December 2012: That has to go down in history as the worst apocalypse ever. I, for one, was very disappointed. I’d made all the preparations (bought in some extra cans of beans, a clockwork torch and radio, camo jacket, etc). And then nothing. It was terribly disappointing.

And I had such an amazing post-apocalypse post planned for Every Second Man! I was going to include tips and tricks for surviving, special moves for taking down a zombie in a one-on-one situation ... tonnes of stuff. But (sighs) it all seems a bit redundant now. There’s been no apocalypse, no polar shift and no rising of the undead. Life (and Second Life) goes on as normal.

However, I will still introduce you to my SL Prepper, who is all kitted out with the very latest in post-apocalyptic fashion, including the newly released Hoorenbeek Mesh Cargo Pants!

Mesh Cargos from Hoorenbeek have been on my SL wish-list for a while now. Their non-mesh cargos were the best I had come across in SL, and I was really excited to see how they would tackle them in mesh form. The results, I’m delighted to say, are very, very pleasing indeed.

They come in six colours (three camo and three plain), and they’re suited to both the military prepper look and the casual look (particularly the beige, as I've illustrated in my montage below). The hem of the trousers comes in four different variations that allows you to pick one that best goes with your shoes or boots, whether they be high boots, ankle boots or just shoes. This works pretty well and with some adjusting I was able to get each pair of boots I tried to fit very pleasingly with the trousers. In all honesty I’m not likely to look for the ‘trousers tucked into my boots’ look very often, but when I do, the option is there, so this is definitely a good thing. 

'I see you baby ...'
As if my posterior wasn't tantalising enough

The detailing on the trousers is typically excellent. The shading, zips, pockets and seams are all first class, as is the choice of patterns in the camo. This goes for the belt, too, which comes in five different colours and a big silver Hoorenbeek buckle.

If there were any criticisms of the cargos, they would really be down to my own personal preferences; I couldn' find anything functionally wrong with them at all. For example, I like cargos with big chunky pockets, particularly at the back, but in comparison to Hoorenbeek's non-mesh equivalent the pockets are much smaller. Also, the belt is fabric and I would have loved a leather option. Finally, and perhaps my biggest moan, I would have liked to have been able to wear them without a belt. Unfortunately, the deep shading around the waist, marking where the belt should be, means that you can't do this unless your t-shirt, jumper or whatever actually covers that area of your waist.

Overall, I think these cargos are excellent and are definitely a worthy addition in any prepper's fashion kit. True, the 21st December didn't really live up to the hype (sighs), but who knows what cataclysmic catastrophe awaits us? At least with Hoorenbeek cargos, we can make sure we look bloody good when it strikes.

You can buy these cargos by visiting Marketplace (click here) or by going down to their inworld shop (click here). A pair is priced at $520L and the fatpack of six is set at $2100L.

Happy shopping : o )   

Post-apocalypse, it's the man with the burnt out car and the old mattress that will be King

The colours: Brown, Black, Green, Grey, Olive and (to show a more casual look) Beige 


  1. Your posterior IS hot but I don't want to see it after you've had those beans....

    1. HA! Yes,and along with that Bic lighter he squirreled away he just might be deemed,technically, a weapon of mass destruction,so we aren't out of the woods yet...RUN!!

    2. I might clarify that, in light of Armageddon's no-show, those tins of beans are still unopened ... so your fears are completely unfounded : o )

  2. This looks very much like the reformation of the Tooting Popular Front. Where do I enlist "Power To The People" ;)

  3. MIA...hmmm,I guess it WAS the apocalypse for him,poor bastard. *Tosses tasteful(and reasonably priced)memorial wreath upon the still,murky waters of the blog bog*

    Unscrews bottle of fine wine and raises it to the sky:

    A toast for Blaise,who did amaze with his posts of all things masculine-
    Informative to men and ubiquitous hen-
    Was he say nay..I won't ask you then.

    So, here's to the man with the sweet tight can and his blog that stopped short of renown-
    Blown to smithereens by his can of beans
    The day he blew out of town.